Sunday, September 18, 2011

Questions from Lighting Readings

1. What types of lighting were discussed ? How can these fixtures benefit city hall?
Daylighting, pendant, uplighting, flourescent, incandescent, and LED. Uplighting will help reduce glare in the workspace. Pendant fixtures can help create rhythm in a space and can also help with way-finding. Daylighting will help even out the lighting within the space and also increase productivity, as well as make the space feel light and airy.
2. What seemed to be the the biggest dissatisfaction with office types? How will this affect my design?
Acoustics, distraction from noises in the office and no privacy are some of the set backs of an open office plan. Employees must also adjust to smaller work stations. Open floor plans however allow for more daylight, sense of community, and less materials used since there are less partition walls.
3. Is the courthouse appropriate for a dominant day lighting system?
I think it is. there are large windows that could bring in light into almost every space. I am going to try and utilize daylight to cut down on energy use and make the building more sustainable.
4. What are the benefits of daylighting?
One benefit is that is uses no energy and is sustainable. Some cool flourescents can make people look tired or sickly, but sunlight makes people look natural. It also helps regulate people circadian rhythm and helps people produce vitamin d, which can help with productivity.
5. Do codes matter for lighting design?
Yes, because all pathways must be well lit for egress.
6. Is lighting objective or subjective?
I think it's a little of both. You need a certain amount of light in order to work. So the baseline of lighting is objective. I think lighting is mostly subjective though. Different people prefer different amounts of lighting and different types. It also depends on what kind of work they are doing in the space.
7. How does the information of these articles apply to the programming and design?
It helps me decide what type of office plan to use for the amount of space I have. It also helps me in deciding on what type of lighting will work best for the office environment and also for the performance/gallery space.

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