Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zine.......that took forever

This my progress zine. I tried to lay out my zine from start to finish. It was a long process and it was hard to say everything i wanted. I struggled a little bit with bordering scrapbook vs layout. In the end i just wanted to have fun with it. I used lots of fun patterns and tons of color.
My final design is my letter box. It came from my original design and then listening to what the group wanted. I really tried to have a community sense in my piece. I wanted everyone to feel that this was their time capsule. People will be given a certain amount of letters to explain what design means to them. I think words are one of the most powerful things we posses. I also think that having your ideas carved into something gives you a sense of permanence, that people knew you were there. In 20 yrs when people come back the time capsule will be cut up and dismantled. Everyone will be given their piece that has what they wrote 20 yrs ago on it.


These are all the layouts i did. I did 15 layouts before i started on my zine. When i had 15 in front of me i started organizing how my zine would flow. I based my zine off of the layouts and only had one problem. I needed more pages then i laid out. So i put chunks of my project into the same layout.


These are some students we drew in class. I really like figure drawing,b ut find it more difficult when people have clothes on. I think it is harder to catch the gesture when people are dressed.

looks lonely

Even though the mood of this picture is depressing, i still really like it. I think the shading is very dramatic and gives it a weird tone.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007

shading exercise

These are my shading exercises from the book. I like hatching and cross- hatching for ink. I don't like the way stipling makes the surface look. I also don't like the way scribbling looks with lead. I really liked doing the stairs because you could put you light source anywhere.