Wednesday, February 20, 2008

scale figures

I like that the images in this picture seem ghost -like, but still accurate at the same time. I also like the use of watercolor and that she put shadows with the figures. I think this image portrays the images well, without taking away from the architecture drawing. You can see more stuff here.
This image looks like the figures were added after the drawing. They are light, yet they demonstrate the scale. I tend to like lighter, less distracting figures. These figures also look like people which is nice. Go here for more.

What i like about these figures is that they show a lot of movement and gesture. The one in the striped shirt looks like it's laughing. I think if you can show movement in your figures it makes your drawing look more appealing. It also makes you want to be in that space because people look like they are having a good time. Link.


I like all of these drawings because they are all crisp and clean. They look perfect, as if they could trace the building. I also like the use of color. I think it adds a spark to the drawings. I especially like the one done with watercolor. You can find all these artists here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


These are my details. The first one is the sink at my house. It's very old, and broken(hot is cold and cold is hot). If it looks crooked, good, it is. I liked the pipes because they looked very weird all coming out of my sink, and I liked the way the big one twists back.
The second one is a doorknob. This is a detail I pay attention to anyway, so it was fun to draw, especially since it looked like an antique doorknob. I love drawing metallic things, but this one was weird because it was so old, it really didn't have much of a shine anymore.
My third one is one of the lights hanging all over the place. I used grey markers to shade on this one, mostly just messing around and trying new things, but i think it came out somewhat decent.