Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my very first orthographic drawing

This is the west, south, and east side lined up om the bottom. I tried to fit all of them on the scanner, but a little bit was cut off. I used guidelines to help me.
This is the top view lining up with the south. This was the most difficult one to do.
I didn't have room for the north side on the bottom so i lined it up at the top. Everything pretty much lined up perfectly, so this was the least difficult.

Next time i'm going to take a photograph of the entire thing and post it on my blog. I had to separate the orthographic up you can't really get a sense of the whole drawing.

Monday, January 28, 2008

lots and lots of lines

This is the cross-hatching sketch. I first mapped out everything very roughly on the paper and then went back in and drew the actual forms in pencil. Then I drew over everything with pen. I wanted the hatching to look almost like it would in a comic book, instead of realistic. I used different sizes of pen, as well as different shades of gray.

You call this art?

This my drawing we did at the exhibit. I forgot my glasses that day so the details aren't very accurate. I liked drawing the folds in the laundry the best. I liked the little details(that i could see), better then drawing the entire room.


Here is my mess sketch. Finding a clutter in my room is no problem. I just did basically a contour drawing, which turned out ok. As you can see I have tons of Hello Kitty and nail polish(not sure if that's a good thing).